What are the CANNeCTIN Working Groups?

The true functional units within CANNeCTIN are our Working Groups, in which are investigators with specific expertise and interests work collaboratively to discuss, develop, prioritize and implement CANNeCTIN pilot projects and full-scale studies. Working Groups are generally chaired by a leader from outside Hamilton and facilitated by a member from McMaster University and the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI). 

Current CANNeCTIN Working Groups and Leaders:


Working Group


PHRI-McMaster Facilitators

Disease & Discipline Groups

Acute Coronary Syndrome

John Cairns (University of British Columbia)

Pierre Theroux (Université de Montréal)

Shamir Mehta

Adult Congenital Heart Disease & Pregnancy

Samuel Siu (University of Western Ontario)

Omid Salehian


Paul Dorian (University of Toronto)

Stuart Connolly

Cardiac Surgery

Stephen Fremes (Sunnybrook Health Sciences)

Richard Novick (University of Western Ontario)

Andre Lamy

Kevin Teoh

Heart Failure/LV Dysfunction

Malcolm Arnold (University of Western Ontario)

Robert McKelvie


Vlad Dzavik (University of Toronto)

Madhu Natarajan

Nurse Scientist

Heather Arthur (HHS)


Perioperative Medicine

Thomas Schricker (McGill University)

PJ Devereaux


Gilles Dagenais (Université Laval)

Bernie Zinman (University of Toronto)

Hertzel Gerstein

Eva Lonn



 Mike Walsh


Ashfaq Shuaib (University of Alberta)

Martin O'Donnell

Technology Groups and Programs

Biostatistics & Methodological Innovation

Lehana Thabane (McMaster University)

George Wells (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)

Janice Pogue

Developing Countries

Koon Teo (McMaster University)



PJ Devereaux (McMaster University)


Knowledge Translation

Jafna Cox (Dalhousie University)

Jack Tu (University of Toronto)

Stuart Connolly


Robert Roberts (University of Ottawa)

Sonia Anand

Please email us if you would like more information about a CANNeCTIN Working Group.